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My name is Rasoul Aliakbari. I am a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta, Canada. Albiblio is part of my ongoing doctoral dissertation. My doctoral project is a study of print cultures of the Arabian Nights / One Thousand and One Nights and their utilization in nation-state building enterprises in British, American, Egyptian, and Iranian contexts in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I have taught, researched, presented and published on English, Farsi, and world literatures.

Select Awards, Scholarships, and Grants:

2016-17 University of Alberta Queen Elizabeth II Doctoral Scholarship ($7500)

2015-16 University of Alberta State of Kuwait Doctoral Award in Islamic Studies ($7000)

March 2015 University of Montreal Comparative Literature Students’ Tribune Travel Grant

Dec. 2014 University of Alberta GSA Professional Development Award ($500)

April 2013 University of Alberta Office of Interdisciplinary Studies Operating-Funded Assistantship ($1000)

Jan. 2013 University of Alberta GSA Professional Development Award ($500)

2012-2013 University of Alberta Doctoral Recruitment Scholarship ($20,000)

Dec. 2010 University of Tehran Conference Travel Grant ($400)

March 2012 Iran’s National Talents Foundation Conference Travel Grant ($700)

March 2011 Iran’s National Talents Foundation Conference Travel Grant ($700)



Highlights of Publications: 

“English Popular Press of the Arabian Nights and Heterogenization of Nationhood: A Print Cultural Approach to Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities.” Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée 43.3. Sept 2016. 

Book Review: Scheherazade’s Children: Global Encounters with the Arabian Nights, published at British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (2016) 1-2. 

“Iranian Literary Modernity, Critical Regionalism, and Print Culture of The Thousand and One Nights.” Unsettling Colonial Modernity: Islamicate Contexts in Focus. Eds. Siavash Saffari, et al. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Forthcoming November 2016.

“Death in the Prism of Existentialism: A Comparative Reading of William Faulkner’s As I Lay ‎Dying and Sadeq Chubak’s The Patient Stone.” Persian Literary Studies Journal 5.6 (2015): 1-21.

 Panel Organized on Print Culture:

Print, Public Readership, and Alternative Literary Modernities at CCLA 🍁 ACLC @ Congress 2016, Canada

Highlights of Presentations and Talks: 

Arabian Nights for the English Working Class: A Print Cultural Approach.” Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for the Study of Book Culture. Calgary, Canada. May 28-June 3, 2016. Conference presentation.

“Egyptian Publication of the One Thousand and One Nights and the Formation of Modern Female Cultural Citizenship Based on Scheherazade.” Scheherazade in Classical, Modern and Postmodern Worlds. The University of Sheffield, UK. May 16, 2016. Conference presentation.

“Poetics of Nation-building and the Thousand and One Nights: Toward a Revisionist Account of Anglo-American Nation-State Formation.” The Thousand and One Nights: Sources, Transformations, and Relationship with Literature, the Arts and the Sciences II, INALCO, France. 8-12 December 2015. Conference Presentation.

“Aesthetic Capital of the Arabian Nights and the American Capitalist Formation: Toward Re-­Historicizing Anglo­-American Nation ­Building through Print Culture.” Canadian Comparative Literature Association (CCLA) at the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences 2015, University of Ottawa, Canada. May 31- June 2 2015. Conference Presentation.

“Jayegah e Hezar-o Yek Shab Dar Adabyat-e Jahan” [A Survey of One Thousand and One Nights in World Literature]. University of Alberta Anjoman Andisheh [Iranian Society of Thought at the University of Alberta], Edmonton, Canada. 5 February 2015. [Persian talk].

“Critical Transverism: A Creative Approach to Comparative Literature ‘in Crisis.’” Tribune des étudiant(e)s en Littérature Comparée/Comparative Literature Students’ Tribune, University of Montreal, Canada. 16 January 2015. Conference Presentation.

“Orientalization of the Occident: A Study of the Politics of Journey Rituals in The Marble Faun by Nathaniel  Hawthorne.” 2013 Annual Conference of the American Comparative Literature Association, University of Toronto, Canada. 5-7 April 2013. Conference Presentation.

“Fictions of Phantasmagoria: A Postcolonial Reading of William Beckford’s Vathek.” XIth International Language, Literature, and Stylistics Symposium, Sakarya University, Istanbul, Turkey. 13 October 2011. Conference Presentation.

Highlights of employment:

Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Winter 2016 Instructor of Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta

Jan-April 2015 Editorial Assistant of Canadian Review of Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta

Fall 2013-present Tutor of Academic English Writing at Centre for Writers at the University of Alberta.

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